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    S R Global school is working under the aegis of SR Group institution.

    Founder of the Group is Shree Pawan Singh chauhan a visionary, an educationist who believes in the all round devlopment of children.

    The Global School Nine Gems model is a proprietary tool, which is an integrated holistic approach towards facilitating all-round character building and learning opportunities for students.

    The model balances academics with personality development, nurturing values and qualities of leadership & entrepreneurship, excelling in sports and performing arts, and instilling ethics & discipline with the spirit to serve.

    The academic calendar and extra-curricular activities at GIIS are planned in a manner to provide students with enriching learning opportunities towards developing their overall personality. The Global School Nine Gems model acts as a catalyst for delivering a holistic educational experience for students across all levels.

    SR GLOBAL School education prepares students to be intelligent, innovative and international; to be responsible and compassionate leaders who place the welfare of others before self and who are willing to embrace the challenges of our century as opportunities to make a difference. We believe that every child is a valued member of our School. Each child is seen as a capable, competent and active participant in his or her own learning journey..


    S R GLOBAL school is a newly emerging feather in the cap of S R Group of Institutions which is in fact given shape only in 2015 and gradually appearing as a signification Land mark in Educational scenario of city, and its specifically focusing on the concept that no child wants to be taught but every child wants to learn.
    Education as a whole is a highly dynamic process and starts from cradle and ends with grave. Since in fast changing world the distance on the globe is shrinking gradually, it is desired that present system of education must accommodate it. Consequently we are striving hard to plan and implement our activities to facilitate our young minds to handle these challenges in S R GLOBAL.
    Within a very short span of time of 2 years approx, I am to proud to mention that the dedicated team of teachers and staff under able guidance of learned Principal and Vice-Principal, S R GLOBAL School could make a prominent feel on educational horizon and I wish that the show must going on.
    For achieving this success we believe in promoting holistic learning experience which is a blending of scholastic, co-scholastic activities with ethical social values instead of rote learning.
    At the End I append the lines of Robert Frost which is always the inspiring lines for me and staff of S R Group of Institutions.

    Woods are lovely dark and deep
    But I have promises to keep,
    Miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep.

    Pawan Singh Chauhan
    S R Group of Institution


    As I look beyond the horizon, I envision The S R GLOBAL SCHOOL as a second home where education leads to educating the child. Our school has the vibrant classroom where creativity, ethics, self analysis and goal setting are the aims for every child. The school is preparing the learners to be good individuals and good Samaritans. We strongly believe that under our guidance the students will have a niche in their personality. The grooming of every child to compete with the fast changing world has always been our prime concern.
    To achieve our goal we require a positive approach from the parents because they help us to recognize the inborn talents of their child, so that we together can shoulder to push the wheel of success and glory for every child of S R GLOBAL SCHOOL.
    Parents are the major contributors in our Endeavour. We encourage parent’s active participation, feedback, so that together we can create a wonder global child.

    Nirmala Singh Chauhan
    Vice Chairman
    S R Group of Institutions


    Education does not mean a mere collection of knowledge through books or curriculum, rather it ensures the application of knowledge in daily life, incorporate interaction with the world around , develops innate capabilities, values and conservation of the elements of our habitable planet.
    In ancient time all these attributes which are required to develop the perfect human being were taken care by our ‘Gurukul ‘ but due passage of time and advent of modern civilization this responsibility is gradually shifted and now lies on the schools.
    At S R Global School we believe that education cultures us by inculcating knowledge establishing values and protecting our environment through philosophical thoughts and make the children to have clear understanding and better social strings. These could be possible with clear cognitive development. However the importance of knowledge, skills, training and physical development are also equally vital for generating a balanced personality to face global challenges.
    We recognize the need of time from the education and provide all essential infrastructures to inculcate this expected outcome from our school system through learned faculty and soothing environment.
    The journey of the education is never ending and it has only shining land marks without any stay. We hope that this could only be achieve by making consistent effort, striving hard towards goal , and consistently guiding children even after some failure with reminding a remark that every fall has a rise keeping sparkling thought in the mind that the limit of perfection is always at the greater height.

    C.K. Ojha
    S R Global School


    School is a place, normally develops agony in the mind of children and they feel insecure themselves amongst unknown faces, probably the cause due to which children does not like to come to the school happily apart from other many do’s and don’ts.
    The prime aim of the SR Global School is to attract the children to come to the school happily. This is ensured by providing friendly atmosphere affectionate dealing, activity based quality teaching and above all good ambience and suitable infrastructure. We firmly believe that education develops culture by inculcating value, ethics and principles enlightens with the philosophy of life which enables to differentiate between good and evils and helps in developing sound ideas and better vision. In SR Global School we introduced these ideas gradually through various activities in teaching as well as through different programs, functions and celebrations with utmost care and devotion.
    The huge success of SR Global School within the limited span of time of 2 years would not be possible without the faith and support of parents. I admire and acknowledge it with expecting the continuance of same in future.
    The heartfelt support of management and staff is hidden hand assisted us in shaping the success in desired direction.

    Shalini Srivastava
    Vice Principal
    S R Global School